The Mascot for WCC 2023

The Mascot of the 5th World Coffee Conference is Coffee Swami. Unanimously chosen, it will depict the Indian tradition yet appear in modern avatars connecting with people. Coffee Swami embodies the essence of the person who serves coffee in traditional attire. It gives the customers the feeling of the old-world charm and retains the warmth in the modern setting of the India Coffee House. Coffee Swami represents the bridge between the old order and the new and emerging enterprise

Coffee Swami's role goes beyond being a mere showpiece.
  • Symbol of guidance and wisdom for all conference participants.
  • Reminder of the profound impact of coffee on various aspects of society, including cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions
  • The Mascot signifies the shared commitment to advancing the coffee industry, exploring new trends, and addressing challenges collectively.
  • It represents the passion and dedication of coffee professionals worldwide and serves as a unifying symbol for all conference participants.

In summary, Coffee Swami, as the Mascot of the 5th World Coffee Conference, embodies the spirit of collaboration in the coffee industry.